Students and audience members of the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, The New Century Chamber Orchestra, Elderhostel and the baroque opera company Teatro Bacchino have all enjoyed my work. Here are some of their comments:

“Very knowledgeable. Professor Prescott was excellent in answering questions. His ability to communicate with specifics and stories made the morning enjoyable and useful.”

“Wow! This is the second time I’ve heard him. If possible he just gets better and better!”

“John is a gifted man who fascinated me with his musical knowledge in several areas. I appreciate his sense of humor and would enjoy hearing him again.”

“John Prescott gave me a good background before I went to the music performance. He was well prepared and wasted no time.”

“Wonderful! A huge base of music knowledge. Very well presented.”

“The lecture was on my level. No highly technical discussions. Easy to learn, ask questions, and understand.”

“Open to all questions and discussions, made it easy for me to ask questions and learn.”

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