The San Francisco Early Music Society Presents:

Once again, I am writing to let you know about a course I will  be teaching in Berkeley this summer.  For the fifth year in a row, I have the privilege of offering a course under the auspices of the San Francisco Early Music society. As usual the proceeds from my class go to benefit the Music Discovery Workshop, a wonderful opportunity for kids to be exposed to the wonders of early music. 

This year's course is entitled, "Vivaldi and the Venetians: Baroque Music in the Serene Republic."  The dates of the class are June 24-28.   i am very excited to be teaching about one of the most dynamic and fascinating baroque composers.  I very much hope many of you can join us.  If you know of anyone who might enjoy this please pass the information along.  I am attaching the flier and registration form.  If you have taken my summer courses other years, please note that the class will take place in June not August as before and we have a new location. 

If you have any questions please let me know. 

On this site, the full brochure and Registration Form (both PDF format) are available

All the best,

John Prescott, PH.D.

Musicologist, Lecturer and Writer

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